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Creston Valley Airport Society Project

Creston Valley Regional Airport Society is a non-profit society operating the Creston Regional Airport by contract with the Town of Creston.  We are making several improvements at the airport but it all hinged around upgrading our water system.  The old well was not producing enough to service these improvements.  Thanks to receiving funding from RDCK Area B, we were able to contact Wild West Drilling and set up improvements that not only meet our current demand but for future developments.  

It was decided to connect the old well water supply to a 25,000 gallon fire suppression water tank that can be used not only for the Airport but for the entire Canyon/Lister fire district.  A new well was drilled, trenching and electrical lines installed and a state-of-the-art Point-of-Entry water system connected.  Chris professionally planned the complete system with special attention to detail.  The site area was cleaned and returned to original state.  We are very pleased to have this new system as a great addition to the many improvements we are making.

Mary Angus for the Creston Valley Regional Airport Society

Kuskanook Harbour Project

The Kuskanook Harbour Society manages Kuskanook Harbour, the first pay-per-launch marina after leaving Creston heading up the east shore of Kootenay Lake. In order to keep the marina ice free during the colder months, a propane powered air compressor had been used to aerate the harbour water. Daily costs to run the system averaged about $130.

To find a more cost effective solution, the Kuskanook Harbour Society contacted Wild West Drilling to discuss alternative systems to keep the harbour ice free. After meeting with the directors on a couple of occasions to brainstorm ideas, Chris came up with a proposal for an underwater pump system.

The proposed system was designed with safety in mind and had two intentions – to keep the harbour ice free and to bring in fresh water to help control weeds.

Chris, his crew and several Kuskanook Harbour Society members installed the system in October 2010. Supply lines from the pump located just outside the harbour draws water into the harbour, branches into quadrants and water flows out five different outlets. Perforated pipes hung in suspension from the dock 18 inches into the water also keep water flowing.

“It was a real pleasure to work with Kuskanook Harbour Society members, during both the brainstorming sessions and during implementation. Special thanks to members who volunteered their time during this project,” says Chris Barling.